Artistic Botanicals
For the garden, from the garden and much more!





 Artistic botanicals offers hand crafted and home grown products
for home, garden and gift giving.
As the name implies, many items are made from or inspired by
 nature, plants, flowers, rocks and shells.
They are grown, gathered, prepared and created
into things of beauty, functionality and sometimes whimsy. 

Most of my art and creations are one of a kind.
Occassionally, I will make a dozen of a tree ornament for example.
But I generally won't make the same thing twice,
because at that point the fun of the creative process is lost and it becomes work!

With that said...

"If you like what you see,
Take it from me,
It's not likely to be here the next time.

You know how that goes,
Don't add to your woes
Buy it now and I'll end this silly rhyme!"

I am a juried artisan and my work is displayed in homes & businesses throughout the country.

I have participated in many group exhibitions, including the prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show. 

Currently I'm a resident artist at The Art Establishment Studio in Bethlehem, PA.

I am also a member of the Saucon Valley Art League.